Posted by Claire on 18th Feb 2014

Ok, so you've got screaming kids, your partner has other things to keep them busy and 'do what you want darling, it was your idea' seems to be the response!

Sound familiar? Well as a team of three ladies with 6 kids between us we appreciate Children's parties can be a nightmare!

We have agreed to do it, the invites are out, cake ordered and the soft play looks OK, and then ....

  • What do we give the kids to go away with?
  • Have we got those bags from last year?
  • Where did i put that ribbon?
  • Disappointed with the Party Bags given out by the event?
  • What did our children get the last time they went to a party?

Well here's the solution - Ready Made Party Bags, order the number you need with specific coloured ribbon if required and they can be made to order & delivered next day to your home.