The Story Behind Valentines Day

Posted by Adele on 2nd Feb 2024

Valentines day 


You may love it or hate it but have you ever wondered where Valentine’s Day came from?


As we all know, Valentine’s Day is considered a day for love and romance.


Every year on 14th February in the UK and around the world cards and gifts are exchanged between loved ones to show that they care.


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How did Valentines Day start?


The exact origins of Valentine's Day are unclear, but it's commonly believed that the Ancient Romans held a festival around February 15th celebrating spring and fertility. 


In the late 5th century, Pope Gelasius I is said to have replaced this festival with St. Valentine's Feast Day, possibly aiming to Christianize the celebration.


It wasn't until the 14th century, influenced by Chaucer's poetry, that Valentine's Day took on a romantic association. By the 17th century, commercially printed Valentine's Day cards began to emerge in the UK.



How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in the UK?

The most popular Valentine’s gifts in the UK are:

•    Cards
•    Flowers – traditionally roses
•    Chocolates and food hampers
•    Perfume
•    Jewellery
•    Gifts decorated with hearts

Other popular Valentine’s gifts include:

•    Dinner out (or in!)
•    Watching romantic films
•    Weekends away



So is Valentine’s Day just for couples?


Absolutely not! - Valentines Day is not exclusively for couples.  It is a day for celebrating love in every way and not just in the romantic sense.  It is a day where we can celebrate the love we have for friends, family members and ourselves.


Why do you give roses on Valentine’s Day?

Flowers, especially red roses, have long symbolised love and passion through the ages.

Did you know:

•    Single Red Rose: Represents love, a simple and direct expression.
•    12 Red Roses: Signify gratitude and appreciation, a beautiful gesture to show thankfulness.
•    25 Red Roses: mean congratulations, marking a joyous occasion.
•    50 Red Roses: Symbolise unconditional love, a grand and romantic gesture – wow!


10 facts about Valentine’s Day

•    Almost half of the adult population in the UK considers themselves romantic.
•    Worldwide, around 50 million roses are gifted on Valentine’s Day.
•    Richard Cadbury crafted the first heart-shaped box of chocolates in 1868.
•    Glasgow is known as the 'City of Love,' believing that one of St. Valentine's forearms is kept in a local church, adorned with red roses.
•    London and Northern Ireland are the two regions most likely to celebrate February 14th.
•    Over 25 million Valentine’s cards are exchanged annually in the UK.
•    In the Philippines, February 14th is the most common wedding anniversary.
•    Oliver Cromwell banned Valentine's Day in 1653, but it was reinstated in 1660 when Charles II ascended the throne.
•    In the UK, over 10,000 people propose on February 14th, although Christmas Day is more popular for proposals.




I do hope that this blog has given you a greater insight into Valentines Day and whether you are excited by the thought of it or dreading it, it will be here soon, there is no escape.


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