Indulge in Love: Our top 10 Irresistible Valentine's Day Sweets to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Posted by Natalie on 11th Jan 2024

Christmas is over and it will soon be the season of love, and there’s no better way to say ‘I love you’ than the gift of sweets.

Sweets and chocolate are the key to many people’s hearts, so here are our top 10 Valentine's treats this year:-

1. Swizzels Love Hearts


Let’s start with a simple classic, loved by many for generations. With their iconic heart shape, they’re not only delicious but also carry an affectionate message. With a variety of romantic phrases including ‘kiss me’ and ‘I love you’ we know that they will be a popular gift this season.

Made by Swizzels Matlow, we also absolutely love their Love heart dips and Lipsticks available from our store. 


2. Haribo Heart Throbs 


Kids and grownups love them so…., these gummy and vibrant heart shaped sweets are the perfect and sweet valentine’s gift. Available in a variety of pack sizes, gift jars and Haribo own branded Sweet Shop Tub. 

3. Cherry Heart Lollipops


These individually wrapped lollipops make a classic and simple gift. Or maybe you’re planning a wedding? Perfect for favours and decorations.

Also available in Blue Raspberry flavour Blue Raspberry Heart Lollipops.


4. Foiled Chocolate Caramel Hearts 


We all know chocolates are one of the post popular given gifts, so why not make it heart shaped?

Available in both red and silver, these individually wrapped chocolates are the perfect sweet treat for your loved one.

5. Cherry Red Lips


These charming sweets shaped like lips will add a playful touch to any valentines’ celebrations. Their tasty cherry flavour is sure to delight and satisfy all taste buds.


6. Candy Pink Hearts


These pink, strawberry candy hearts are covered in ‘hundreds & thousands’. Their enticing appearance is matched with the equally delightful flavour.

7. Pink & White Heart Marshmallows


These soft and fluffy marshmallows come in two different sizes. Why not make your loved one a delicious hot chocolate and garnish the top with a handful of these delightful mallows? Browse here...


8. Barratt Pink & White Jelly Hearts 


The most adorable gift for any jellybean lover, these jellybeans are heart shaped and come in pink and white making them ideal as a standalone gift or to use as a decorative element.

9. Fruit Hearts


Adorable heart shaped sweets in flavours such as apply, blueberry, lemon, and strawberry. Each heart has an alphabet imprint, offering you the opportunity to craft a message for your loved one


10. Molly's Love Mix 


Overwhelmed by the abundance of choice? Our mix will be the perfect choice which features the above including Haribo Friendship Rings, Strawberry Kisses, Candy Hearts and More! Alternatively for a more personalised touch, opt for our ‘pick 6’ option so you can customise your gift exactly to your loved one’s tastebuds.


We hope this gives you a little inspiration! Don’t forget our jellies are available in standard weighed pouches as well as gift cubes and jars. You can also enjoy FREE personalisation on both our small and large jars - why not customise a gift today? What will your message say?