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Corporate Gifting - The ins and outs of How to Boost Client Relationships

Posted by Molly's Mixtures on

What is Corporate Gifting? It’s the idea of sending a personal gift to your clients to welcome them on board, remind them of a conversation you may have had regarding possible work together, or just to remind them you exist! In 2019 One4all Rewards estimated the Corporate Gifting market was worth a massive £78.3 million in the UK. Almost half of UK workers have received a gift from a supplier showing just how popular this idea is. But corporate gifting is also often associated with high costs, and indirect return on investment. Is it really worth it? Throughout this blog we’re going to show you why corporate gifting could be the thing you’re missing when it comes to improving client relationships.

So, where do I start?

When selecting a gift for your current or potential clients it’s important to be creative and peak their interest to make them shout about your brand. Corporate Gifts can include personalised items which introduce your brand such as pens, notebooks, USBs and mugs or some companies opt for feel good items such as food and beverage items (our sweets) or clothing. The key reason for any Corporate Gifting is to make the client remember your brand by getting it in front of them and encouraging them to either contact you or maintain a good relationship with you.

Let them know they are valued

It isn’t a secret that gifts cost money and take time to organise, which can show the effort you’re prepared to go to for your clients. By sending Corporate Gifts, you are making your client feel valued and welcomed within your business. Depending on the gift selected, it could be very personalised to the relationship you are trying to build with the client or if the same gift is used for every client (it’s unlikely they would realise!) it still makes the client appreciate the time and effort you went through to select, purchase and send the gift.

Brand Relationships

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts in the post? With today’s market there are thousands of gifts to choose from and you can brand them as much or as little as you like. By putting your brand in front of your clients you are reminding them and increasing your brand awareness. Depending on the item you select, they may even use it every day really optimising that awareness. With an estimated 88% of brand recall being due to Corporate Gifting, it’s clear this method is successful in securing and maintaining those all important relationships. You are also injecting your personality and thought into your relationship with your clients which is only going to strengthen your relationships. What about taking gifts with you when you have face to face meetings? Clients definitely remember the meeting where the supplier brought chocolates or gifts for the staff. While recently we haven’t been able to have those lovely face to face catch ups, this could be another way to use the corporate gifting idea as we return to some normality.

Customer Service

With the average gift being reported at £50.00, it’s important to select the right gift for your brand and client. Think about your brand values and personality to ensure you are giving the best impression. When it comes to Customer Service, it’s important to have a strong relationship with your clients so they feel comfortable to pick up the phone or drop you an email with any queries. When choosing to send a Corporate Gift, it may be a good touch to add your contact details even if it is a long-term client to ensure they have the most up to date information for you. This could be a new and refreshing way to make your clients aware of any changes to your details without using the standard mass email.

Keeping your clients in mind

Maintaining your relationship with clients and keeping their loyalty to your brand can be difficult depending on the service or products you are providing. Why not consider keeping a note of key dates such as their business birthday (when was the business launched) or even their personal birthday? Sending gifts or cards on dates such as these shows the commitment you have to your clients, your attention to detail and really supports keeping your brand and name in their mind. Keeping up with these annual dates also develops your relationship with your client and gives you discussion topics when you do catch up. These kinds of conversations will increase your client loyalty as they develop a relationship not only with your brand but with you as an individual.

Going to give it a go?

Corporate gifting has so many benefits for both your clients and for your own satisfaction as it is a proven method to maintain your relationships with your clients. Who knows, you may even get a great business contact and a friend out of it. Your clients are happy to talk about you and possibly even promote you to their clients or contacts when they are using your gift. With so many possibilities it really doesn’t need to cost the earth but it could greatly benefit your brand and client relationships.

For inspiration on what gifts to buy, we have a great selection of gifts and sweet options which can be personalised and branded up to meet your needs. Just drop us an email at and we can have a chat! 

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