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Festive Fun for 2020

Posted by Molly's Elves on

We are delighted to welcome back a great selection of Christmas themed sweets this year, perfect for the Festive season. All available from our online shop NOW!

Elves, Reindeers, Penguins, Snowmen, Candy Canes, Christmas Tree Mallows, Brussel Sprouts to name just a few! 

Take a browse here:

Christmas Ideas

Each variety is available to purchase in multiple pack sizes or as a gift cube. 

Or alternatively, take a look at our ultimate Christmas mix - a little bit of everything, perfect if you simply cannot choose. 

Ultimate Christmas Jelly Mix

Stock is limited, so don't delay ordering your little festive treats! 

......oh and a little early we know, but Merry Christmas!

100% Halal Sweetzone Tubs

Now available from Molly's Mixtures - 100% Halal Sweet Shop Tubs by Sweetzone. Available in 24 different varieties, there is something for everyone. Each tub contains either 60, 120 or 600 sweets and they are all priced at £5.69 per tub, making them a really affordable treat. Take a browse at the selection here

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Sweet History: Liquorice Allsorts

Another Happy Accident! In 1989, whilst working as a salesman for the Bassett's company, Charlie Thompson tripped while he was carrying a tray of separate liquorice and paste candies to show a potential customer. The candies became jumbled up, creating odd combinations. The customer was impressed and went on to place an order for the mixed-up [...]

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New Vegetarian 'Pick 'n' Mix' Range - Available NOW!

We are excited to have a new range of Vegetarian sweeties available now from our online store. There are 16 varieties to choose from, all packed in 2.5kg bags. Some jelly, some fizzy - you will love the range of fruity flavours in the popular sweetie shapes.Strawberries, Cherries, Cola Bottles, Teddy Bears and Dummies to name just [...]

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Sweet History: Kendal Mint Cake

Created by accident back in 1869, Kendal Mint cake remains as popular now with walkers and explorers as it ever has. In 1869 Joseph Wiper, who married into the Thompson family of confectioners based in Kendal, supposedly left the boiled solution for glacier mints overnight and it turned cloudy and solidified. Varieties now include both white and [...]

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Local radio station Rother FM, interview Mollys mixtures sweet shop

Rother FM have visited Mollys Mixtures online sweet shop to discuss women in business and the reemergence of sweets hops across the UK. In section 1 Ruth Etherington, reporter from Trax FM asksTwo friends from Rotherham have created a successful business selling childhood memories and tastes around the world.Olivia Finlay and Adele White set up online [...]

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Parma Violets - Retro sweets with free delivery across the UK at low prices

Molly's has just run another competition to find our all time favourite sweet within our business centre and Parma's have came out on top. These violet fragrant little beauties are a real winner and even we forgot how lovely they are wrapped in their distinctive purple wrappers.Available in two sizes, mini parma violets and now giant parma violet rolls [...]

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5 Star Product reviews for Molly's Mixtures party bags

We love positive feedback and our new party bags are going down a storm.Don't just stake our word for it, have a look at some of the positive reviews we have received lately.Product Reviews Excellent Retro party bags :) Posted by xxxxxx These are fantastic party bags. This is my second time to order and I am [...]

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10 Facts about chocolate

Here are just a few more facts around the wonderful product which is ChocolateIt takes approximately 400 cacao beans to make one pound (450 gr.) of chocolate.The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation, it tastes pretty good too.White Chocolate isn't technically Chocolate, as it contains no cocoa solids or cocoa liquor.The inventor of [...]

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Why does chocolate melt in the mouth?

Have you ever wondered why chocolate is classed as a luxury item, yes, well its all to do with physics....Chocolate is the only known item that actually melts at body temperature which is approx 37 degrees!So much so, that chocolates in hotter countries have a much more dense structure, not because that's the flavour, its [...]

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