Sweet History: Liquorice Allsorts

Sweet History: Liquorice Allsorts

15th May 2020

Another Happy Accident! In 1989, whilst working as a salesman for the Bassett's company, Charlie Thompson tripped while he was carrying a tray of separate liquorice and paste candies to show a po … read more

10 Facts about chocolate

Posted by Olivia on 18th Mar 2014

Here are just a few more facts around the wonderful product which is Chocolate It takes approximately 400 cacao beans to make one pound (450 gr.) of chocolate.The smell of chocolate increas … read more

Why does chocolate melt in the mouth?

17th Mar 2014

Have you ever wondered why chocolate is classed as a luxury item, yes, well its all to do with physics....Chocolate is the only known item that actually melts at body temperature which is approx 37 de … read more

New chocolate coins to purchase online

Posted by Claire on 24th Feb 2014

Molly's have always had a good selection of gold foiled chocolate coins to purchase now online or from our sweet shop in Rotherham.We ave now added two really fantastic lines which are selling fa … read more

A quarter of sweets - what does that mean?

Posted by Olivia on 17th Feb 2014

We get asked all the time about what "a quarter of " means, and with the EU regulation around labelling we thought it might be helpful to explain the main facts.A quarter of sweets was a term used to … read more

Free Bingo & Molly's Mixtures Team Up!

22nd Aug 2013

We are pleased to support the launch of the new 'Pick 'n' Mix' Game at Freebingo.co.uk where winners get the chance to win one of our marvelous Retro Gift Box's. For more info...follow the link: http … read more

The Chocolate Eclair History

22nd Aug 2013

The Chocolate Éclair Story Throughout the 1920’s, Tavener Rutledge Buttered Assortment was one of the best known confections in the country. It consisted of ‘Hand Dipping’ brazil nuts, almonds, walnu … read more