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Molly's Mixtures Sweet Shop on

Posted by Kev on

We have recently launched a select range of products with

Play have recently entered the grocery market with other major retailers , amazon, eBay & Not on the High Street already retailing confectionery via 3rd parties.

If you have a account, why not buy your cd, dvd's and now sweets so you can curl up on the sofa and enjoy them together.

Sweet Shop with discount vouchers - Molly's Mixtures sweet shop cash back offers

Pretty difficult isn't it, You know what you want to buy and then , eh...  Where do i buy my sweets from?Do I use a cashback site?Do I shop via facebook or twitter?Are there any discount voucher and or discount codes to us?We know you have a choice and that's why we try to make it as easy as [...]

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Local radio station Rother FM, interview Mollys mixtures sweet shop

Rother FM have visited Mollys Mixtures online sweet shop to discuss women in business and the reemergence of sweets hops across the UK. In section 1 Ruth Etherington, reporter from Trax FM asksTwo friends from Rotherham have created a successful business selling childhood memories and tastes around the world.Olivia Finlay and Adele White set up online [...]

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Parma Violets - Retro sweets with free delivery across the UK at low prices

Molly's has just run another competition to find our all time favourite sweet within our business centre and Parma's have came out on top. These violet fragrant little beauties are a real winner and even we forgot how lovely they are wrapped in their distinctive purple wrappers.Available in two sizes, mini parma violets and now giant parma violet rolls [...]

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5 Star Product reviews for Molly's Mixtures party bags

We love positive feedback and our new party bags are going down a storm.Don't just stake our word for it, have a look at some of the positive reviews we have received lately.Product Reviews Excellent Retro party bags :) Posted by xxxxxx These are fantastic party bags. This is my second time to order and I am [...]

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10 Facts about chocolate

Here are just a few more facts around the wonderful product which is ChocolateIt takes approximately 400 cacao beans to make one pound (450 gr.) of chocolate.The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation, it tastes pretty good too.White Chocolate isn't technically Chocolate, as it contains no cocoa solids or cocoa liquor.The inventor of [...]

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Why does chocolate melt in the mouth?

Have you ever wondered why chocolate is classed as a luxury item, yes, well its all to do with physics....Chocolate is the only known item that actually melts at body temperature which is approx 37 degrees!So much so, that chocolates in hotter countries have a much more dense structure, not because that's the flavour, its [...]

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Lets get cracking - EASTER GOOD FRIDAY April 18th 2014

Wow, everyone's telling us that Easter is late this year, but were flat out with eggs, eggs, eggs.Cream eggs, foil eggs, hollow eggs, filled eggs, novelty eggs, easter eggs and boiled eggs - oh no wait a minute that last ones my lunch!We love easter and hope that when you are looking for a treat [...]

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East egg hunt , ready steady go!

Ok, so the valentine cards have only just came down and we're talking about Easter, argh!We always love easter as the kids get excited, and the orders get very busy with both corporate clients and private sales via our direct, amazon and other e-trading platforms.One product that has been our best seller year after year are [...]

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What happened to chocolate cigarettes?

Do you remember the old chocolate cigarettes that we all used to buy from the local shop, ice cream seller or tuck shop in school?My how things have changed, we now call these candy sticks, or candy straws.As we go through our daily lives the things which we thought to be OK and acceptable all of [...]

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