Our Top 10  ‘Frightfully Fun’ Sweet Treats for Halloween

Posted by Olivia on 27th Sep 2023

Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth this Halloween with our top 10 sweet treats!

From creepy jellies that will send shivers down your spine to gruesome chocolate flavoured candy that will make your taste buds scream with delight, these treats are perfect for any trick or treaters and party planners – anyone wanting to capture the essence of this haunting time of year.

So gather your friends and family, embrace the spirit of Halloween, and let these devilishly delightful treats bring a smile (or maybe even a scream) to everyone's faces:-


1. Dracula Teeth

A best seller all-year-round but even more so at Halloween. A firm and substantial strawberry flavoured jelly sweet in the shape of Dracula’s Fangs! I dare you to try and eat without pretending (at least once!) they are your own gnashers.

Also available in Sour Fizzy. Delicious!


2. Jelly Snakes

Slippery jelly snakes are delicious fruit flavoured sweets that come in both normal and  sour varieties.

Great for adding to Scary Cake masterpieces or as edible decorative displays.


3. Jelly Filled Skulls

Available in 1kg bags holding approx. 90 sweets, these skulls look just fantastic! With a strawberry flavoured filling, the taste certainly lives up to their look. Another all-year-round favourite which we think proves the popularity with our customers year after year.


4. Skull Mallow Pops

Back for another Halloween season these fruit flavoured marshmallow lollipops are a real show-stopper! Re-invented designs each year, Candy Realms continue to provide imagination and fun to these popular lollies.

Each Pop weighs 40g and is individually wrapped making them perfect for School Events, Corporate giveaways or Marketing Campaigns and ‘Trick or Treat’ goodies.

They are a real generous Halloween must-have. Back for 2023 with a funky skull design we absolutely LOVE!


5. Gummy Pumpkins

Made by Vidal and available in pre-packed 1kg bags – these gummies are a real spooky pick and mix delight. They look great displayed in bowls on your candy table, or in party bags for the kids.

Fruit flavoured jellies, shaped as pumpkins and ONLY available for a short period of time over the Halloween season so don’t miss out on trying one of our Top 10 best sellers.


6. Milk Chocolate Eyeball Mix

Delicious Milk Chocolate Balls wrapped in fun novelty eye-ball foils.

Ideal to sprinkle over your table displays, fill up party bags or bulk out your ‘trick or treat’ bucket.

Made by Kinnerton who carry the Nut Safety promise.

witches-heads-34547.jpg7. Witches

We love these witches heads and so do our customers. A fairly new addition to our Halloween range, but one that is definitely here to stay.

These strawberry flavoured jellies are realistic and detailed witches faces with different coloured hats. Look and taste amazing and are a true must for the spooky season.


8. Skull Crushers

Made by Hannah’s these fab skull faces are strawberry & cream flavoured candy - similar to the retro classics white mice and Spinning Tops. They have a real bite to them and taste incredibly creamy and more-ish.

swizzels-variety-mix.jpg9. Swizzels Variety Mix

An all year classic but increasingly popular at this time of year. The Swizzels variety mix contains all of the retro favourites loved by both adults and kids!

Including love hearts, parmaviolets, fizzers, refreshers, drumstick and double sherbet lollipops – all individually wrapped making it the perfect ‘grabbing’ treat for your trick or treaters.

A real value for money sweet favourite.


10. Pumpkin Marshmallows

Made by Bulgari these bright orange-coloured mallows are shaped as pumpkins and have been a top 10 Halloween Hit for a couple of years now. Packed in bags of 900g they make perfect cake decorations or Hot Chocolate toppers. Or how about toasting on an open fire on Bonfire Night?

So that's our Top 10 bestsellers - but we have so many more fantastic sweet treats such as jelly bones, monsters, popping candy, jelly lollipops, spiders & worms. Take a look at our full Halloween selection for some more ideas.

Halloween Gift Jar

Remember, all of our gruesome jellies are available in standard weighed pouches as well as Gift Cubes and Jars. We offer FREE personalisation on both sized gift jars making them a fantastic novelty gift for the Halloween season.

Mollys Mixtures Halloween Mix

Want to try them all?  

As part of our ‘Molly’s Mixes’ range we have created the ultimate ‘Halloween Mix’ available in either pouches or Gift Jars. A great mixture of all this years Spooky Sweeties!

Whatever you’re up to, however you choose to celebrate, we hope you have a ‘sweet’ and safe Halloween

……Bone appetit!