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What are retro sweets and who stocks retro sweets in the UK

Posted by Kev on

So we've all heard the term retro sweets, but what are they?

Well, we like to think that retro means a time that we were in school and or growing up when life didn't mean bills and mortgages.

We have several categories on our retro sweet shop, but who is right or wrong?

Our top ten retro sweets are as follows;

  • Anglo bubbly bubble gum
  • Refreshers
  • Wham bars
  • Lion bars
  • Sherbet fountains
  • Black jack and fruit salads
  • Love heart rolls
  • Parma violets
  • Fizzers
  • Flying saucers

You can find over 100 retro sweets on our site and we look forward to hearing your favourites.

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