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Popcorn - 10 interesting facts

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We have just listed the brand new product - chocolate coated popcorn which is fabulously melt in the mouth. We were amazed about popcorn and love eating it in front of a good film, at home or in the cinema! Popcorn Top Ten 1. Popcorn was first discovered thousands of years ago by the Guatemalans 2.The English who came to America in the 16th and 17th centuries learned about popcorn from the Native Americans 3.During the Great Depression, popcorn was comparatively cheap at 5–10 cents a bag and became popular 4.Each kernel of popcorn contains a certain amount of moisture and oil. Unlike most other grains, the outer hull of the popcorn kernel is both strong and impervious to moisture, 5.In popcorn jargon, a popped kernel of corn is known as a "flake" 6. Popcorn is included on the list of foods that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not serving to children under four, because of the risk of choking. 7. Air-popped popcorn is naturally high in dietary fibre, low in calories and fat, and free of sugar and sodium. 8.Popcorn varieties are broadly categorized by the shape of the kernels, the color of the kernels, or the shape of the popped corn 9.This snack is usually served salted or sweetened 10.Evidence of popcorn from 3600 BCE was found in New Mexico and even earlier evidence dating to perhaps as early as 4700 BCE Our new chocolate covered popcorn is fantastic and ready to eat so give it a try - you will love it,