Valentine's Gift Guide

Valentine's Gift Guide

Posted by Molly's Mixtures on 3rd Feb 2021

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and this year it feels like some of the jazz has been taken away as we find ourselves at home. We can’t go out to celebrate this year, so what we wanted to do it give you some ideas on how to make celebrating your loved ones special this year, from home. Introducing our Valentine’s Gift Guide: Men’s Edition! Throughout this guide we’re going to highlight some of our favourite Molly’s Mixtures picks, and then some of our team’s favourites from other companies to give you a full feel for what’s out there to make the day special this year. You ready? Let’s get started with our Molly’s Mixtures Faves.

1.Letterbox Gifts

If there’s one trend we think is here to stay in 2021, it’s definitely our new-found love for Letterbox Treats. No matter how old you are it’s always exciting to get something in the mail which isn’t a bill. This is why we adore our Letterbox selection. You can choose from four types of letterbox gift:

  • Chocolate
  • Retro 90s Sweets
  • Retro Sweets
  • Traditional Sweets.

The other bonus with this is that you can personalise your gift with a label of your choice and message too.

2.‘Build Your Own’ Boxes

These boxes are perfect for someone who wants to treat their loved one to something which is small and sweet. Whether you fancy Jelly Sweets or Boiled Sweets there are over 50 varieties of sweet to choose from. If you don’t want to build you own, there are also options to get a ready mixed selection – in varieties of Mega Cube, Large and Regular Gift Cubes.

3.Sweet Hampers

If you want something that really says wow, these sweet hampers are exactly that. You get a fantastic large selection of the best retro sweets around and a great quality hamper which can be re-used time and time again. There are five different hampers available:

  • Deluxe Retro Sweets
  • Deluxe Swizzels Matlow Sweets
  • Deluxe Walkers Toffee
  • Signature Retro Sweets
  • Traditional Boiled Sweets

Team Picks

Alongside shouting about our favourite Molly’s Mixtures treats, we thought it would be great to shout about another great gift idea which would combine with sweets to give you the perfect combination.

Retro Games Night

If you’re already feeling the retro vibe this Valentine’s Day then why not go all the way. You’ve got your retro sweets to snack on, how about some entertainment?

The Retro is a fantastic company who run a subscription Gaming Club. You tell them what genre and games console you have, and they pick three games and ship them out for you to enjoy, each month. They also run a Cassette and Vinyl club too if you’re fancying some music to go along with your gaming!

Freddie’s Flowers

What gal doesn’t love a bunch of flowers, especially as a surprise?

Well, Freddie’s Flowers is the milkman of flowery surprises. Each week a boxes of seasonal, fresh flowers will be delivered to your front door. Every delivery comes with an arranging guide, to help you arrange your bunch beautifully.

To delve into the range of sweets we have available, or to see if we stock your all time favourite, visit our website. Otherwise, follow us on social media for updates of what we have coming out soon.