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Posted by Helen on 8th May 2024

So the pressure’s really on now! Your bestie is pregnant and has put you in charge of creating the most perfect and memorable baby shower prior to the main arrival. One thing’s for sure - It’s all about indulgence - so panic not, read on and we’ll tell all about our favourite gender suiting products for creating baby shower vibes any Mum-to-be would be proud of.

In this blog, we've rounded-up our most mouth-watering and colourful treats - Whether it’s team blue or team pink or it’s still to be revealed – we can create a pick and mix just for you.

Here’s some ideas we think you’ll love:

Top 5 Pink sweets


1. Rabbit Heads

These soft and chewy fruity foam flavoured sweets have been created in the shape of the one of the cutest creatures on the planet! They are almost too adorable to eat.. but personally we cannot resist them. Also available in Monsters and Flowers… Simply delicious!

2. Pink & White Jelly Hearts

These are the cutest pink and white hearts. Manufactured by Barratt, these are just like their fantastic jelly beans but shaped as little love hearts. Perfect for favors, or would look simply stunning as centrepiece table decorations in vases and bowls. 


Product Review

***** Bean-tastic

Posted by Helen Bleasdale on 20th Nov 2023

Love these Jelly Beans, even more than regular beans as these are my favourite flavour. Chewy and so so sweet.

3. Strawberry Marshmallow Whips 1kg

Large fluffy strawberry flavoured marshmallow 'whips' in pink & white perfect for Baby Showers or Gender Reveals. A delightful choice that will surely bring joy. Available only in 1kg bags. Also available as Raspberry Marshmallow Whips in blue & white.

4. Candy Strawberry Shakes
Strawberry Cream flavoured Candy in a bottle shape. which would make a great decorative jar filler, baby shower or Christening addition.

5. Pink Paintball Mallows

Plump and chewy sugar coated treats. for colour themed events, parties, etc. Available in blue, red, yellow, pink, white & green - Perfect!


Still not found exactly what you’re looking for?
Take a look at our other pink sweets for more inspiration - Pink Sweets.

Top 5 Blue sweets

1. Baby Dolphins

Fruit flavoured, blue & white little jelly sweets shaped as dolphins. Combine them with starfish, turtles, freaky fish for a Sea themed party!

2. Blue Raspberry Heart Shaped Lollipops 
Spread a little love with these taste tantalising, individually wrapped heart shaped  5.2g, raspberry flavoured Lollies. Available in quantities of 50’s, 100’s, 200’s

3. Blue Raspberry Bon Bons

Really chewy & really tasty - Sugar dusted raspberry flavour chewy sweets. This is our most popular bon bon flavour, but have you tried the rest?

Lemon, Strawberry, Orange, Toffee, Cherry, Apple.

4. Fizzy Blue Raspberry Slices 

Bursting with a delicious blue raspberry flavour and a fizzy coating, the Fizzy Blue Raspberry Slices are sure to be a hit with all!

5. Gummy Blue Stars 

Blue gummy stars packed with a sour blue raspberry flavour!

A great party bag filler.

Top 5 Neutral Coloured Sweets

1. Fini Delices Fizzy Mallows

Mouth tingling fruit flavoured fizzy marshmallows, perfect for baking/parties . This is a 1kg bag so there will be plenty to share with your loved ones.

Flavours may include; Cola, Apple, Lemon, Orange, Cherry.

Click here to view our other marshmallows.

2. ABC Candy Letters
Hard sugar fruit flavoured candy letters. You will receive hundreds of letters, each approx. 15mm tall, in a range of adorable pastel colours including pink, blue, yellow, orange and green.

Simply enjoy, spell out special messages to your loved ones or use your imagination to play party games during your celebration.

3.  Marshmallow Tubes

These delicious vanilla mallow tubes in vibrant rainbow colours are perfect for baby showers and gender reveals  and christenings. This is a 1kg bag with approximately 200 mallows so there will be plenty for sharing.

4.  Snowy Stars

Delightful White chocolate flavoured candy stars peppered with colourful hundreds and thousands. Children love them - well don't we all? They are an ideal addition to baked goods, use them as cupcake and traybake toppers or on there own in a decorative jar. Alternatively, let us create a Candy Mix personalised to your own taste.

5.  Yellow Mix

A mix of our most popular yellow sweets - Lemon Bon Bons, Bumper Bananas, Paintballs, Banana Millions and many more. A bright and flavoursome mix perfect for colour themed parties, cake decorations, baby showers or gift ideas.

Our coloured and flavoured mixes provide so much choice that we are confident there will be a suitable mix to suit your taste buds.

Want to save time and purchase ready made gift bags?

No problem, we have that covered too!

Ready Made Baby Shower Party Bags - With a bespoke labels 

Party bags perfect for a baby shower / gender reveal - clear gift bags full of pink or blue sweets finished with a personalised label.

Are you wanting a surprise, no problem just pick the pink & blue option!

If you are still stuck for ideas, why not browse our Baby Shower / Christening Category