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Looking for a colour or flavour of sweet, find both on our new advanced search function

Posted by Kev on

The question we get asked all the most at Molly's Sweet Shop is "which sweets are gold or yellow as it needs to match my wedding colour scheme"

We have now developed a couple of new search function into our website which will allow for search sweets by colour and search sweets by flavour on all products.

Using our new html search function you will see the search function on the category box on the left, once you have chosen the colour  the sweets will pop up on screen - its as a easy as that.

Below is a screenshot showing our home page with the new search funtions on the top left.

Mollys Sweet Shop search by flavour, search by colour functions

Alternatively, should you wish to pick using the colour swatches , you will find these near the footer of the page.

Below is a screenshot of the search by flavour template showing a selection of our flavours on the footer of the website.

We hope you will enjoy our new features as we continue to develop alongside our customers requests.