Posted by Olivia on 19th Feb 2014

As a long serving industry member of the confectionery community we have seen many changes over the last 5 years and we feel on the whole its a good thing for the consumer.

Within the cash and carry business, Booker's acquisition of Makro, and Batley's acquisition of Martex in Scotland, the industry does seem to be narrowing in choice for the independent wholesaler.

Alongside this, the retail distribution businesses have seen many delivered wholesalers drop away as organisations consolidate further and go to central distribution.

At Molly's Mixtures we always look to source our confectionery from either primary manufacturers or the larger of the independent wholesalers left in the UK.

We are confident that the outlook remains bright for confectionery and that the local recipes and provenance of traditional suppliers remains within the marketplace for us all to enjoy sweets for a long time to come.